Hi, I'm Dave. 21 and from Oxfordshire, England. My humor is quite blunt and quite English.

I'm pretty average. I like music, films and gaming.

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I can’t remember who re blogged it an hour or two ago, but it was about social anxeity and it really scared me because I don’t cosider myself to have it.

But today at work, or recently I’ve just been so aware of how silly the things I attempt to do are if that makes sense. Like just commenting on someones status I can analyse that in my mind for hours. Yesterday I got angry at my Dad, today I cried. I keep thinking I’m making progress, or I’ve made some progress, it wasn’t my fault - I didn’t do anything but I’m always suspecting people of thinking that I did and I’m guilty.

I’m not. I can’t handle the pressure that I create upon myself and that doesn’t give me great self esteem. It happens in monthly bursts too, like I can be super happy for ages, then the whole world is out to avoid and neglect me. It’s just dealing with it all and, 12 hour shifts at work make your mind do so much wandering and elaborating that nothing much positive ever comes out.

I’m going to Italy tomorrow with my lovely girlfriend though, that - will be terrific :)

it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie

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